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Scratchbuilt QuadCopter V1

  • Diameter (with props): 735mm (29in)
  • Height: 245mm (9.65in)
  • Flying weight: 1000g (2.20lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 2: 1178g (2.60lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black: 1198g (2.64lb)
  • Flying weight with GoPro Hero 3+ Black and Boscam 5.8GHz FPV Gear: 1300g (2.87lb)

QuadCopter parts list:
  • Flyduino Warthox Frame - 25cm arm (PR1037)
  • Flyduino 25A ESC SimonK Firmware Regulators (PR1192)
  • Flyduino Suppo A2212/13 1000KV Brushless Outrunner (PR1049)
  • Flyduino 9x4.5 Carbon Reinforced AP Propeller Set Black 2 CW and 2 CCW (PR1124) (no longer used)
  • aero-naut 10x5 CAMcarbon Light-Prop 2 CW and 2 CCW
  • Drotek MultiWii V2.0 Flight Controller Board - MPU6050 + HMC5883 + MS5611 + FTDI
  • Drotek XL Ublox GPS Breakout Board
  • I2C-GPS NAV Module
  • Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232 (no longer used)
  • TTL 3DR Radio 3DRobotics Telemetry Kit 433Mhz Module
  • SLS APL MAGNUM 3700mAh 3S1P 11,1V 35C/70C

Radio equipment:
  • Graupner MX-16 HOTT 2.4 GHz
  • Graupner GR-16 HOTT Receiver

  • MultiWii_dev_2014_01_14__r1648 + r1649 1650 1663 1669 1713
  • MultiWiiConf release 2.3 (with personal modifications)
  • MultiWii EZ-GUI for Android

Frame with mounted speed controllers and lipo battery

Graupner GR-16 HOTT receiver

Drotek MultiWii V2.0 flight controller board

I2C-GPS NAV module

Drotek XL Ublox GPS module

All components...

Flight #DateFlight duration (min)LocationComments
106.09.2014unknownSchwabachMaiden flight.
206.09.2014unknownOberreichenbachTried GPS Hold + Home. Didn't work.
307.09.2014unknownSchwabachGPS Hold didn't work.
408.09.2014unknownSchwabachBARO Alt Hold works but needs some tweaking.
511.09.2014unknownSchwabachTwo short back to back flights. I forgot to take off the lens cap from the key chain camera that I had mounted on one of the speed controllers!
617.09.2014unknownSchwabachOptimized ROLL PITCH PID settings with MultiWii EZ-GUI
718.09.201420OberreichenbachGreatly improved ALT Hold via PID tuning
822.09.2014unknownSchwabachDid more PID tuning...
923.09.2014unknownSchwabachDid more ALT PID tuning...
1024.09.2014unknownSchwabachFun flying...
1127.09.2014unknownSchwabachFun flying with on-board videos.
1228.09.2014unknownSchwabachStarting to play with GPS hold.
1329.09.2014unknownSchwabachI taped my GoPro Hero 2 under the Lipo.
1401.10.201416SchwabachFun flying with GoPro Hero 2.
1502.10.2014unknownSchwabachPID tuning Roll & Pitch.
16,17,1803.10.2014unknownSchwabachPID tuning Level & Alt Hold. 3 Lipo charges.
19,2004.10.2014unknownSchwabachPID tuning Level & Alt Hold. 2 Lipo charges.
2105.10.201416OberreichenbachSuper successful GPS Hold test. MAG interference was the culpit.
2206.10.201416OberreichenbachFun flying and GPS Hold tests.
23,2409.10.201432OberreichenbachFun flying and GPS Hold tests.
25,2611.10.201432SchwabachRotated FC by 90° to try to solve GPS Hold. No success.
27,2812.10.201432OberreichenbachSwapped position of the receiver and FC. Also used advanced MAG calibration. GPS-Hold & RTH now works perfectly!
2914.10.201416OberreichenbachMore GPS-Hold & RTH tests done.
3018.10.2014unknownSchwabachStill trying to understand PID tuning.
31,3218.10.201432OberreichenbachTried different PID numbers. Fun flying with RTH.
3318.10.201414SchwabachFun flying with RTH.
34,3519.10.201432OberreichenbachFun flying.
3625.10.2014unknownSchwabachReset PID's and retuned.
37,3826.10.201431OberreichenbachFun flying. Set a personal altitude record of 182 meters (597 feet) in sight.
3927.11.20145SchwabachMounted new props from aero-naut. No more micro vibrations.
4028.11.20145SchwabachFirst "scary" FPV test...
Lipo #Number of charges
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