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This page is dedicated to the pleasure of driving a "bimmer" (that stands for BMW). Kinda weird at first but with time you get used to it.

BMW 325e BMW 325e
This model was first introduced in 1985 at the Genfer Auto Salon. It has an inline 6-Cyclinder 2.7-Liter powerplant using Bosch-Motronic. Engine output is 122 hp @ 4250 1/min and 230Nm @ 3250 1/min of torque.

This was my first bimmer and eversince I got my hands on the wheel and foot on the accelerator it was go baby go and I never looked back :)

BMW 325i
In August 1985 the 325i replaced the 323i. With it's inline 6-Cyclinder 2.5-Liter engine output is 170 hp @ 5800 1/min and 222Nm @ 4300 1/min of torque - it was meant for German winding roads and autobahns.
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BMW 325i

My present 325i funmachine.

Z3 on a test drive with my brother at the steering wheel.

BMW 320i Touring Car
The 3 series BMW is one of the most widely used cars on racetracks around the world. It has captured numerous victories in all classes it has entered.
BMW 320i Touring Car - 2 Liter

BMW Z8 / Z12
The Z8 / Z12 series BMW in camouflage.
Source Homepage: http://www.autobild.de/
BMW Z8 / Z12

The Z07 series BMW in ......
Source Homepage: http://www.autobild.de/
BMW Z8 / Z12

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